Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Starcraft 2 Sex joke

So I'm in college, and Planning my next game.

It's vs a girl I know very little, other then the sit near each other + small talk + name exchange. I do know she's shy so she would probably turtle up making any all-in strat ineffective. she's also very nice, and that makes me suspect she might have a proxy Smile-but-not-interested put down somewhere - And I haven't scouted it out yet.

I'm planning to go right for a 6 Ask-if-she-has-anything-after-class, and immediately rush in with a 7 to 10 casual coffee. I'm hoping this BO will beat the 1/1/freind zone build girls often do - And get past before she can build the wall down and really turtle in. (Girls are OP as %*#! but god won't nerf them >.< I mean look at how they hardcounter anything we throw at them.)

The only problem is that I can't really get the good scout in before the rush, so I've got no idea if she has a BF already built in her base. I'm planning on just crossing my fingures she didn't go for the BF build and is playing standard.

If the rush works, I'll probably follow up with a 16 Pay-for-the-coffee Like any standard BO should have, and tech switch immediately to Walk-around-campus at 20.

The map I'm playing on has really good weather, so the walk-around-campus could be such a deadly harassment tactic if I can get it micro'd well.

Not really planning any offensive tactics after 20, other then an expansion to continue the game. Probably at the 4:00 wednessday location.

My macro is decent, but micro wise I might need a little help, especially for the casual coffee part of it. Anyone got any tips for that part? Things to talk about?

She's pretty - not hot- but pretty, and very timid/nice. That makes me think she's gold league. Diamond league girls will just roflstomp me, even with this cheesy semi-all in strat.
I'm in gold/low level plat.