Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cheesy Builds

What do you guys think of cheesy builds. Some builds that are classified as cheesy builds (in my book) are:

2 Gate zealots. Very hard to defend against if you are a Protoss/Zerg player and you were not able to scout in time.

Fast Voidray: Hard to deal with if you are Zerg.

4 Gate: Not really a cheese Strategy, but very aggressive and Powerful.

Fast Dark templar: Not used often, but can be hell if encountered.

Zerg: 6 pool, 8 pool. I guess thats all the cheese Zerg has.

Fast Reapers.
2 barracks marine rush proxy.
Fast Banshees.
Marauder marine rush. -semi cheese, but good strat as it is very aggressive.
Thor rush.


  1. nice dude. SC2 is beastly. supporting.

  2. You have to watch more korean videos the cheese they use is endless

  3. Yeah lol, but those are the koreans, They dont like to macro.

  4. The Cannon Rush didnt make the list :p

    2 gate zealots is deadly and underhanded.