Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review- Custom Games

I will be reviewing 3 custom games I played today

First is Fastest Map possible.
Its basically a melee map with no real barriers between the players. Also you will be getting ultra fast minerals and gas, and have 300 supply instead of the usual 200. Its not a game that I would recommend if you're feeling serious. Its a fun map to mass units and see how they do against other units. I've found that 600 banelings are pretty good at killing a base. Nevertheless, the lulz factor is great and definitely worth a try if you haven't played it yet.

Scv Frenzy
This map has recently gained popularity on the SEA server. Seems to be a clone of Footmen Frenzy (A warcraft 3 custom map). Basically you have a building which spawns scvs. Then you can go around killing other doods with your scvs. You also have a choice to upgrade your scv into either zerg units, protoss units, or terran units. Also heros are available, but are not balanced yet as invisible heros are too OP at the moment. 

Nexus Wars
You all have probably played this by now. Its similar to the Nexus wars from SC1 and Castle wars from Warcraft 3. 2 teams aim to destroy the opponents nexus with units that spawn from buildings. Not a bad game, but gets boring after a while. 


  1. Showing my daily support,Ireally need yours!

  2. hmm.. never tried the scv frenzy one. supporting your sc2 habit lol.

  3. never played...may have to start. Great post!

  4. You guys have never played StarCraft 2? Do you live in the stone ages or something?!?