Saturday, September 11, 2010

Expand! Expand! Expand!

I have played quite a few games where my opponent did not expand at all.  I crushed him easily.  When you expand you can double your resource collection rate and therefore double your army.  I expand to at least 2 or 3 expansions in any of my games. Some of my opponents who did not expand where making units very slowly and only a few production building. I was able to create a large sized army in a matter of 2 minutes. That might be because I was zerg, but also because I had much more resources. 

How to know when to expand: Always expand when you think you have the upper hand. For example, if you just harassed someone and killed half their workers, that is a perfect time to expand because they have to get their economy back in shape. When you have a clash with their army, and yours comes out on top, they will be too busy making units, so thats another good time to expand. 

Ask me any other questions, I cant seem to think of anything at the moment.


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  2. good tip. zerg usually needs to be one expansion above the opponent at all times, which means a minimum of 2 expansions ASAP and usually 3 or more hatcheries as the game progresses! ;D

    good read, keep up the good work!

  3. Good idea. I need to perfect my FE build. Follow back at:

  4. expanding is annoying though, I can't go past two in a serious game because I lack the micro skills to handle that many.

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