Tuesday, October 19, 2010


This is a 1 base roach build order


To bust through a wall and decimate the opponent's mineral line to get ahead economically or even out, considering the heavy early investment into army.

Build Order

  • 9/10 Overlord
  • (scout with 10th)
  • 13/18 Spawning Pool
  • 15/18 Extractor (+3 Drones asap)
  • 16/18 Roach Warren
  • 15/18 Queen
  • 17/18 2 Overlords (resist the urge to make that one drone; you need all larvae for 8 roaches)
  • @100% Queen injects larvae (inject twice, then creep tumor 3rd time around. You don't have the minerals to use larvae while getting hatch and lair)
  • @100% Roach Warren: 3 Roaches, send to choke ASAP.
  • @Larvae Pop: 5 more Roaches (move out to pressure when finished)
  • 33/34 Overlord
  • @ 100 : Metabolic Boost
  • @Larvae Pop: make 7 pairs of Zerglings and rally to Roaches (this leaves just enough minerals for Lair on 100 gas)
  • @ 100 : Lair
  • @ ~200 minerals: send out drone to make Hatchery
  • pump drones and overlords
  • get Extractors depending on your lair tech plan.


  • The way to attack is by moving your 8 roaches up the ramp and sniping a pylon or a supply depot then allowing your lings to run in. If you manage to destroy the garrison of troops behind the wall, leave a few roaches there to prevent any sneaking out and send the rest to the mineral line to kill as many drones as possible. But it is important to keep in mind macroing and making a metric buttload of drones is more important than controlling your units at this point, since the units have paid for themselves already. Your economic advantage is what wins you the game usually.
Note: This build does cut quite a few drones early on, so if you don't think you can break the ramp, preserve your units, and retreat to set up to defense at your natural. If you commit to the attack and it fails you will be hard-pressed to make enough units to defend and still have an economy.


You can opt to skip zergling speed and instead get a faster lair, but any follow ups with speedlings will not be so "speedy"


Pro features

When to do this build:
  • 2 player maps
    • Steppes of War
    • Blistering sands (you can knock at the back door)
    • Xel-Naga Caverns
  • Your opponent is walling in and teching (this includes a fast 4-gate that cuts sentries and stalkers early on)
  • Your opponent is 2-gateing (see above) on close positions (also see above)

Con features

When not to do this build :
  • Your opponent is getting sizable army early on of sentries and stalkers or 3-raxing (You can sometimes do it vs a marine heavy 3 rax)
  • If your opponent is 2-gating defend first then counter (This build is very 2-gate safe)
  • You are on Scrap Station, Desert Oasis (Seriously, who hasn't thumbed down this one?), Kulas Ravine, or Delta Quadrant vs T (At least I have had little luck with it)
  • They are going Speed Reaper


  1. nice. I don't use Roaches often so I'll try this

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