Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zerg Vs Zerg

So I was playing some 1v1 the other day, and I've noticed that in a mirror match, its usually the player with more of 1 unit wins. 

When I'm playing zerg, roaches are the unit that defines the game, and the player with more of them wins. It is possible that the other player can tech to mutalisks, but then the game would almost be over due to the pressure from the other player. 

Tell me your thoughts.

Heres a random question as well. SPOILER ALERT

Most of you probably have played through the campaign, so any attempts to hide this are probably pretty pointless.

I was wondering how everyone felt about the ending. To me, I thought it was rather dull. We spent one and half games/expansions developing Kerrigan into the badass Queen Bitch of the Universe. As soon as we come to the conclusion that the Koprulu Sector is screwed and that the zerg just can't be handled, Raynor's Raiders and the Dominion manage to piece together an artifact and revert Kerrigan back to normal. It felt to me like the story writers just got bored and decided to end it right there. What do you think? How should they have changed it, if at all?


  1. Why did she still have zerg hair at the end? I didn't get that. And theres still a lot left in the story afterall we haven't played the protoss or zerg sides yet.

  2. The end was a total deus ex machina. Its like after ten years, they still couldn't figure out how to end the first campaign legitimately. That's how I feel at least. Its not blizzards fault, its activision. Oh and ZvZ is a hard MU, I'm horrible at it.

  3. that game looks awesome, so life like!