Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Build Order Counters Part 2

A continuation of my other post.
In this Post I will demonstrate how to counter Protoss players who rush as the Zerg race.

There are a number of viable rushes a Protoss player can pull off. One of the strongest at the moment is proxy gateway rush, where they place 2 gateways near your base that is generally hard to scout.
Another cheesy rush is the cannon rush. And then there's void ray rush, dark templar rush, and so on.

If I am scouting their base and finding that there is almost no buildings there, its almost certain that they are going for a zealot proxy rush or a cannon rush. I would scout inside my base and then scout nearby outside it to check what was going on, and just to be safe, I would make 2 spine crawlers. If they are going for double gas, chances are that they are teching straight to dark templar or Void rays. Naturally, I would get Lair tech as soon as possible, and start pumping hydralisks. Also 2 spore crawlers near my mineral line just to be safe. Zerg doesnt really have a problem with minerals as they are a fast expanding race, so keep your mineral count low and try to get as much units as possible. Static defences are useful, but not as effective.

Another thing I would suggest is to get 2 queens as soon as possible.1 can lay down creep tumors while the other can make larva. Speedlings are also invaluable for the scouting and breaking into mineral lines.

1. Cannon rush: If you are able to scout your base discovered the pylon or forge or cannon being built, get most of your workers and try to kill off the probe. Then go for the pylon. Generally, I would scout my base before such cheese was built. If they have blocked you inside your base with cannons and you were too late to destroy the pylon, get roaches as soon as possible. They can tank the damage well and can destroy them relatively fast.

2. Zealot Rush. Spine crawlers, zerglings.

3. DT rush. Obviously overseers.

4. Voidray rush: Hydralisks as soon as possible. And spore crawlers.

Hope this helped.