Thursday, August 26, 2010

Protoss fast void ray build

This is a protoss Build i like to call Deception rays.
The point of this build is to fool the opponent into thinking you are zealot rushing and make them create a whole lot of defence structures and units that are ground based.

This Build would work more often on protoss and zerg players than terran as they have tier one marines to deal with air.

Build Order:
9 pylon
11 gateway - then as soon as its completed, start making zealots till u have 4
11 assimilator
12 assimilator
14 cybernetics core
18 stargate
then pump out void rays and attack their base.

I would attack with the 4 zealots as soon as they are finished. Use only 1 boost on each zealot and the rest on  probes and then the void rays.

Hope this works guys



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